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The Dept. of the Interior recently released a new online tool that allows the user to trace major streams and illustrates the Mississippi River's huge catchment area of approximately 1.15 million square miles, or 37 percent of the land area of the continental U.S.  Click here to use the tool to see where the streams around you are getting their water (and pollution).







     In a ceremony to conincide with Farmers' Day at the 2015 Indiana State Fair, 59 River Friendly Farmers were recognized by the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (IASWCD) for the work they do to protect Indiana's natual resources.  Among them were Kasten Family Farms of Pulaski County. 


     The awards were presented by Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Ted McKinney, President of Indiana's Farm Bureau Don Villwock, and State Conservationist Jane Hardisty, and IASWCD President Jeff Meinders.  


     The River Friendly Farmers were selected for this award by thier local Soil and Water Conservation District based upon thier management practices which help keep rivers, lakes, and streams clean.   This award is sponsored by the IASWCD, the 92 local SWCD districts, and Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.




Pulaski County SWCD, 309 Northwest, St., Winamac, IN  46996, Phone: (574)946-6751, Ext. 3, Fax (877)522-7981
Email: www.pulaski-swcd@iaswcd.org


Who We Are:

     The Pulaski County Soil & Water Conservation District is a governmental subdivision of the state of Indiana. It is responsible for carrying out practices and programs that promote the conservation of our soil, water, and other natural resources within the county. The District works in partnership with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and provides technical assistance, information, cost-share opportunities, and educational programming. We serve the residents of Pulaski County and people "downstream".  
     Our District is governed by a board of five supervisors.  Three are elected and two are appointed by the State Soil Conservation Board upon the recommedations of the elected SWCD leadership in our county.  Elections take place at our annual meeting that is publicly advertised shortly after the first of the year.  Any attending taxpayers in the county may vote.  The District Supervisors are guided by the Indiana District Law, Indiana Code IC 14-32-5-1.
     Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at the USDA Service Center at 309 Northwest St., Winamac, IN.  The public is welcome!




Tuesday, November 13th  

Pulaski County SWCD  monthly board meeting will be meeting on Tuesday, November 13th. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM at the USDA Building, 309 Northwest Street, Winamac. The public is invited to attend.